Travis Kelce Remembers 'Pure Terror' During Swift Encounter

Kelce brothers share light-hearted family tales on podcast

by Zain ul Abedin
Travis Kelce Remembers 'Pure Terror' During Swift Encounter
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Travis Kelce, the acclaimed NFL tight end, recently unveiled an unforgettable encounter involving none other than pop icon, Taylor Swift. The story was unfolded during a fresh episode of the popular "New Heights" podcast, which saw Kelce in a candid conversation with the hosts.

Adding a twist to the conversation, the episode also featured Travis's brother and fellow NFL star, Pro Bowler Jason Kelce. The duo, known for their lively banter and close bond, delved deep into some family humor during the interview.

One of the comedic highlights revolved around the brothers speculating about a hypothetical situation: their father engaging in a conversation with Taylor Swift. Given their intimate understanding of their father's character, Travis remarked, "You know dad like I know dad." This elicited a playful response from Jason, who cheekily stated, "Which means, he shouldn't be talking to Taylor Swift."

Travis's "Terrifying" Taylor Thought

After sharing a hearty laugh, Travis opened up about his actual emotions tied to the thought of such an encounter.

He confessed that merely picturing the conversation was nothing short of "terrifying." He further shared his heartfelt sentiments, admitting, "I felt terrible” about the potential awkwardness that might arise. Jason, always quick with his wit, added a humorous spin to the chat, musing, “If you see Dad talking to anybody, especially when you can't discern the conversation's content, who can predict the direction it might take?” Coming to their father's defense, Travis light-heartedly mentioned, "All he would probably be doing is genuinely praising her”.

He elaborated, "He's begun to appreciate her tunes more lately." This delightful exchange between the Kelce brothers, involving the 'Love Story' singer, is bound to catch the attention of fans from both the sports and music worlds.

With such anecdotes, it's evident that even celebrities aren't immune to the fun, and sometimes cringeworthy, family dynamics that many of us can relate to.

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