Proactive Scott Disick Supports Pregnant Kourtney

Disick's unexpected shift amid Kourtney's pregnancy unfolds

by Zain ul Abedin
Proactive Scott Disick Supports Pregnant Kourtney
© Presley Ann/Getty Images

In an unexpected turn of events, Scott Disick, the former flame of Kourtney Kardashian and the father of their three children, has taken it upon himself to rally around the reality television icon, Kourtney, as she gears up to welcome another child.

Scott, popularly known from his own reality series "Flip It Like Disick," has been reportedly extending his assistance to Kourtney, ensuring that her journey to motherhood this time around is as seamless as possible. This gesture seems particularly poignant given their past, highlighting the bond that parenting often cements.

A credible source, in a recent chat with Entertainment Tonight, shed light on Disick’s current emotional state. The revelation hinted at the mixed emotions Scott has been grappling with, especially as Kourtney and her partner, Travis, are on the cusp of expanding their family.

The source mentioned, “Scott's been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, seeing Kourtney and Travis eagerly anticipate the birth of their child”.

Scott's Renewed Support Surfaces

Adding a twist to the tale, the insider highlighted a significant change in Scott's behaviour.

While earlier speculations indicated that he had been somewhat aloof during the initial stages of Kourtney's pregnancy, the current scenario paints a different picture altogether. Delving deeper, the source emphasized Scott’s commitment to a harmonious co-parenting relationship with Kourtney, saying, "Scott’s primary concern has always been the well-being of their children, and he's proving that by setting personal feelings aside.

It's evident in the way he's ensuring Kourtney remains in high spirits, particularly after her recent health concerns." Elaborating on the dynamics between the duo, the insider mentioned that their conversations often revolve around how their children - Mason, Penelope, and Reign - are adapting to the idea of welcoming a new sibling. “The kids are buzzing with excitement and can't wait to have another playmate,” revealed the source.