Danny Masterson Concedes Custody Amid Ongoing Legal Turmoil

Turmoil deepens for Masterson post-trial revelations.

by Nouman Rasool
Danny Masterson Concedes Custody Amid Ongoing Legal Turmoil
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In the midst of a severe legal battle, former TV star Danny Masterson has opted to relinquish both legal and physical custody of his daughter, Fianna, aged nine, to his soon-to-be ex-wife, Bijou Phillips. This pivotal move arrives on the heels of Masterson's recent conviction and the imposition of a 30-year prison term in connection with rape charges related to two women.

Recently uncovered legal documents by TMZ have shed light on the intricacies of the custody arrangements involving actor Danny Masterson, who, at 47, was handed down his sentence a mere month prior. Despite the shadows of his legal battles looming large, Masterson's determination to preserve a bond with his daughter is palpable.

He harbors aspirations of being granted visitation privileges; however, any such visits would undeniably be under strict scrutiny, reflecting the constraints of his prison term.

Swift Separation After Sentencing

An important timestamp noted in the legal papers reveals Masterson and Phillips parted ways on September 15th, a mere seven days post his sentencing.

This development is particularly poignant, considering Phillips had been a steadfast supporter, accompanying Masterson through the brunt of his trial. But by September 18th, Phillips made the move to formally initiate divorce proceedings, underlining a monumental shift in their relationship dynamics.

Masterson's legal odyssey comprised two distinct trials. The initial trial, which transpired roughly half a year before the conviction, concluded without a verdict. The jury at that time grappled with indecision, unable to reach a unanimous conclusion on the trio of rape charges presented.

As a result of this mistrial, Masterson was momentarily free, having been released on a hefty $3.3 million bail. But the respite was short-lived. The actor's freedom was curtailed on May 31st, when the subsequent trial ended in his conviction, precipitating his current incarceration.

As this legal drama unfolds, all eyes remain fixed on how the situation evolves, especially concerning the well-being of young Fianna.

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