Will King Charles Share Christmas Cuddle with Archie & Lilibet?

London's allure meets Suss*xes' safety concerns.

by Zain ul Abedin
Will King Charles Share Christmas Cuddle with Archie & Lilibet?
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Amid swirling rumors of Prince Harry's potential Christmas return to the UK, the latest insights hint at a different reality. Despite emerging reports that the Duke of Suss*x is house-hunting in Britain, indications are that he may not be visiting his father, King Charles, this festive season.

Royal historian and expert, Dr. Tessa Dunlop, recently weighed in on the situation during a conversation with The Mirror. She pointed out that just because Harry is allegedly scouting for properties in his homeland, it doesn't necessarily signify an eagerness to mend ties with the Royal family.

Dr. Dunlop expressed, "Harry's portrayal, akin to the 'little lost boy' yearning for his British roots, might be more about public perception than reality." She further elaborated, "The British have a notion of a homesick Harry, reminiscing about his distant brother and the estranged father, especially after his candid revelations in the Netflix series with H&M." Drawing a parallel with Camilla's public transformation, she mentioned, "Once seen as an antagonist, Camilla emerged as an endearing figure.

Similarly, our perception of Harry is constantly evolving."

Suss*xes Prioritize Security in London

Though London holds sentimental value for the Duke, Dr. Dunlop speculated that the security-focused Suss*x family might opt for safer, familiar confines like the Windsor estate or one of London's operational palaces for their stays.

The built-in security infrastructure at these locations would serve their needs better than a private residence. The historian was candid about the emotional dynamics at play, expressing, "The British populace undoubtedly misses Harry and wishes for a dash of that Meghan-Harry charm during Christmas, adding a hint of Transatlantic flair." However, she cautioned enthusiasts to manage their expectations.

"If Harry's absence at Balmoral this summer is any indicator, it seems improbable he'd mark his presence at Sandringham this winter." Concluding her insights, Dr. Dunlop touched upon the heartstrings of many, noting the looming probability: "Despite public hopes of a grand reunion, it appears King Charles might have to wait a bit longer for those cherished moments with his grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet."

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