Billie Eilish Addresses Dating Buzz: Is She Seeing Celebrity Tattooist David Enth?

Whispers abound about Eilish's new potential romantic interest.

by Zain ul Abedin
 Billie Eilish Addresses Dating Buzz: Is She Seeing Celebrity Tattooist David Enth?
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Billie Eilish, globally acclaimed singer of "Bad Guy," recently took to her social media to clarify the swirling rumors about her love life. Amid speculation, Eilish set the record straight regarding her association with renowned tattoo artist David Enth.

Posting on her Instagram Stories on October 19th, the multi-award-winning artist light-heartedly addressed the conjecture, stating, "I'm so dead; I couldn't possibly be more single right now. Where are all these rumors coming from?"

Billie's Alleged LA Encounters

The need for clarification arose when The Sun published an article suggesting that the pop sensation had been seen on multiple outings with Enth in the bustling streets of Los Angeles.

An insider cited by the publication shared, "The two have this low-key romance vibe going on and seemed to have genuinely hit it off." Delving deeper into the speculated connection, the source added, "David is just her type.

Billie has always been drawn to the 'bad boy' aura, especially those with striking face tattoos. Her ex had a noticeable resemblance to David. While it's still early days, they certainly look good together." The rumor mill went into overdrive when Eilish showcased an extensive tattoo on her back via her online platforms.

However, it was soon established that this artwork wasn't the handiwork of Enth but another talented artist named Matias Milan. Before this entire David Enth narrative, the 21-year-old songstress was romantically linked with Jesse Rutherford, the 31-year-old drummer of The Neighbourhood.

The two were the talk of the town last October when they were captured enjoying an intimate evening out. However, by May, reports confirmed that their paths had diverged. As always, the spotlight on celebrities means their personal lives often become public discourse. For now, Eilish has made her stance clear, leaving fans and followers with a touch of her signature wit and humor.

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