Ali Wentworth Opens Up About 'Dark Times' in Marriage

Ali Wentworth's heartfelt gala moment touches many.

by Nouman Rasool
Ali Wentworth Opens Up About 'Dark Times' in Marriage
© Jamie McCarthy/GettyImages

"Good Morning America" host George Stephanopoulos and his wife, Ali Wentworth, have been a revered celebrity couple for over two decades. Recently, Wentworth has allowed her substantial Instagram following a raw, candid peek into her emotions, candidly revealing her struggles with 'dark times'

Among the myriad of touching moments, one particular post showcased a glowing Wentworth alongside Stephanopoulos at a gala hosted by the Good + Foundation. This organization is committed to breaking the chains of multi-generational poverty.

The star-studded event featured comedic legends like Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan, and Kevin Hart. But beyond the laughter, the gala highlighted the healing power of humor. Wentworth poignantly observed, "During dark times laughter can be medicinal," spotlighting the escape that the gala's performances provided.

Wentworth's Vulnerable Revelation

However, it wasn’t just the comedic acts that resonated. Wentworth's own eloquent performance at the gala gave fans a glimpse of her diverse talents. Amidst the laughter and glitz, Wentworth openly expressed her vulnerability, particularly when mentioning her family.

The bittersweet sentiment of seeing their daughter, Harper, off to college has evidently struck a chord in the Stephanopoulos household, as it does in many. The universality of empty nest syndrome is something that many parents can relate to.

Further deepening the emotional undertone was the recent passing of Stephanopoulos's mother at 90. Amidst this backdrop, Wentworth shared endearing moments with Cooper, whom she lovingly dubs her "emotional support dog." Cooper's presence, especially in the heartwarming pictures Wentworth shares, signifies a beacon of solace during turbulent times.

Nostalgia played a strong role in Wentworth's posts as well, particularly with a throwback photo of her with her young daughters, Harper and Elliot. The simple "#TBT" caption masked profound emotions, reminiscing about the transient nature of time and life's fleeting moments.

Adding a whimsical touch, another post humorously showcased Stephanopoulos, clad as if he were attending "a boy’s elementary school." Through this playful jest, Wentworth underscores their joint strategy of tackling the empty nest phase: with ample doses of humor and affection.

Lastly, in a tranquil scene set against a desert backdrop, Wentworth is seen joyously roasting marshmallows. Wearing pajamas and donning a radiant smile, she subtly conveys that even amidst change and sadness, life presents moments of joy to be savored.