Cardi B Opens Up on Mental Health Struggles Amidst Cyberbullying

Behind her fiery persona, Cardi B reveals inner battles.

by Nouman Rasool
Cardi B Opens Up on Mental Health Struggles Amidst Cyberbullying
© Dimitrios Kambouris/GettyImages

Recently, award-winning rapper Cardi B delivered a poignant message to her fans via Instagram Live, touching on the subject of mental health and the challenges she has faced from continuous online scrutiny. Known for her fierce anthems and unapologetic demeanor, Cardi B, the powerhouse behind hits like "Bodak Yellow", gave her fans a glimpse behind the curtain.

The candid session was initiated after she dropped a series of tweets alluding to suicidal thoughts, which unsurprisingly raised alarms amongst her devout followers.

Cardi B's Emotional Confession

In her detailed Instagram Live story, Cardi B didn't hold back.

"When I explode, I am brutally honest. During my low points, my words can be hurtful. I might lash out and express how overwhelmed I feel, even to the point of voicing suicidal thoughts," the rapper admitted. Despite her bold public image, Cardi B revealed that negative comments deeply affected her emotional state.

She stated, "After an otherwise great week, coming home and reading all the hate thrown my way just broke me." However, Cardi B has a support system. Turning to her loved ones during tough times, she mentioned, "After a particularly rough morning, my sister and I spent quality time together.

We went to The Bronx, relaxed, had a few drinks, and took photos. Spending time with my friends and family always uplifts my spirits." The need for this heart-to-heart stemmed from Cardi B's online encounters with relentless trolls, which contributed to her emotional distress.

Although she deleted her concerning tweets, the message was out, generating a wave of concern among her audience. Hennessy Carolina, Cardi B's sister, stood in solidarity with her. Defending her sister on The Neighborhood Talk's Instagram, Hennessy was straightforward: "Anyone against my sister can move along," she stated firmly.

Cardi B's revelation underscores the significance of mental health awareness, even for celebrities who seem to have it all. Her courage in sharing her struggles reminds us of the human side of stardom, and the importance of community and support in combating the shadows of cyberbullying.