Prince William Disturbed by Prince Harry's Netflix Pact

Royal emotions surface over on-screen Diana representation

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince William Disturbed by Prince Harry's Netflix Pact
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In 2020, Prince Harry, the Duke of Suss*x, inked an impressive deal with streaming giant Netflix, setting the stage for releasing the much-anticipated final season of 'The Crown.' Details surrounding Prince William's sentiments on this venture have recently surfaced, casting a new light on the dynamics between the royal siblings.

Netflix, already in the spotlight for its documentary series centred on Harry & Meghan, is gearing up to unveil the concluding season of 'The Crown.' This season is particularly intriguing as it is rumoured to feature a scene wherein the spirit of Diana, Princess of Wales, communicates with Queen Elizabeth II.

This encounter is said to revolve around the events following Diana’s tragic 1997 demise in a Paris car accident.

Prince William Distressed by Netflix Portrayal

While Prince Harry has openly shared his views on 'The Crown,' the feelings of his elder brother, William, remained largely under wraps.

However, recent revelations from a confidante of the Duke of Cambridge have shone a spotlight on William's anguish. The source, speaking to The Daily Beast, unveiled that Prince William finds the portrayal of their mother's spectral appearance alarming.

"The continuous exploitation of his mother in such a sensational manner by Netflix is profoundly hurtful. While he won’t engage in viewing it, the very thought is enough to sicken him," the friend revealed to the publication.

The relationship between the royal siblings has been the subject of much speculation. When probed about William's potential resentment towards Harry, especially given the latter’s collaboration with Netflix, the insider responded, "William harbors various resentments related to his brother's decisions.

Aligning with Netflix, who seemingly capitalizes on the family's narratives, is undoubtedly a bone of contention." It's evident that while Prince Harry has made choices he believes to be suitable for his journey, it may have created some friction, especially given the sensitive nature of some content on the platform. The unfolding saga of the royal brothers remains a testament to the complexities of family dynamics in the limelight.

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