John Stamos Opens Up About Childhood Abuse: 'I Shouldn't Have Felt That Way'

John Stamos unveils dark memories from his early years.

by Nouman Rasool
John Stamos Opens Up About Childhood Abuse: 'I Shouldn't Have Felt That Way'
© Amy Sussman/GettyImages

In a revealing interview on Wednesday, John Stamos, the celebrated actor known for his role in "Full House," courageously disclosed his past as a survivor of child abuse. Speaking candidly with People magazine, Stamos touched upon a poignant moment from his forthcoming memoir titled “If You Would Have Told Me”.

He recounts a harrowing experience from his childhood when he was abused by a babysitter.

Stamos Recalls Childhood Trauma

The actor poignantly described the trauma, stating, “It felt like playing dead in hopes they'd stop.

Though it wasn't violently aggressive, it was far from okay”. Reflecting on that period, Stamos disclosed he was around 10 or 11 when the incident transpired and, like many survivors, kept this painful memory a secret.

“No child should bear such emotions,” he expressed. Over the years, while memories of the incident occasionally surfaced, Stamos explained it was only during the writing of his memoir that he genuinely acknowledged the severity of the misconduct.

CNN received confirmation from a representative for Stamos, verifying the authenticity of this revelation. Now 60, the esteemed actor is a devoted father to 5-year-old Billy, whom he parents with his wife, Caitlin McHugh. His protective instincts as a father are evident when he says, “Discovering such a deed being done to my son would elicit an entirely different response”.

For over two decades, Stamos has passionately advocated for child protection. He has championed the cause by serving as an ambassador for ChildHelp, an organization committed to assisting child abuse victims through comprehensive educational, therapeutic, and preventive programs.

Stamos’s memoir is not just an account of his personal journey but resonates as a broader narrative about the complexities of friendship, love, grief, and rediscovering love. He mentioned wanting to maintain full transparency and authenticity in his narrative.

He stated, "I aimed for complete honesty in the book." Anticipation surrounds Stamos's memoir, “If You Would Have Told Me,” slated for release on October 24th, offering readers a more profound insight into the actor's life and the challenges he has overcome.