What does King Charles think about Princess Diana's loss?

Diverging sentiments emerge within the palace on Netflix's drama

by Zain ul Abedin
What does King Charles think about Princess Diana's loss?
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The acclaimed Netflix series "The Crown" has once again made waves in the royal circuit, especially concerning its portrayal of the beloved Princess Diana. Prince William and King Charles have differing opinions about the series, showcasing the depth and diversity of royal reactions to popular culture.

According to sources close to him, Prince William has expressed significant reservations about how his late mother, Princess Diana, is represented. In the upcoming season's teaser, the drama unfolds with a captivating scene where a ghostly representation of Diana interacts with her former husband, Prince Charles, and the late Queen Elizabeth.

A close friend of Prince William shared with *The Daily Beast* that the Duke of Cambridge feels "deeply disturbed" by Netflix's depiction, describing it as an "exploitation" of Diana's memory. However, the current monarch, King Charles has shown a more composed reaction to the series.

Kinsey Schofield, a well-respected royal commentator, highlighted that the Prince of Wales might perceive the series differently because of a particular teaser scene. Diana's apparition suggests that things might be more straightforward for Charles in her absence.

Royals React to 'Ghost Diana' Portrayal

Schofield commented, "The portrayal, where Ghost Diana suggests that her absence would benefit Charles, might be unsettling for Prince William. He would cherish memories with his mother over any perceived benefits from her tragic passing." Delving into King Charles and Queen Camilla's reactions, Schofield shared insights from close royal friends.

"Both the King and Queen view the series as a creative work of art," she said. She further explained that introducing a ghostly figure helps even the most unsuspecting viewer discern that they're watching fiction. The royal expert shed light on King Charles's liberal stance on art and creativity, emphasizing, "The King has always advocated for artistic freedom.

While he's privately asserted the disparity between his real-life persona and his portrayal in 'The Crown,' he respects the show's creative direction." In the realm of the royalty-meets-entertainment saga, "The Crown" is a stark reminder of the varying perceptions and emotions that popular culture can evoke, even within the walls of Buckingham Palace.

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