Prince Harry Speaks Out: 'The Crown' on Netflix is 'Truth-Based'

Prince Harry weighs in on media's portrayal standards

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry Speaks Out: 'The Crown' on Netflix is 'Truth-Based'
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Prince Harry has been forthright with his thoughts on the popular Netflix series, 'The Crown', which portrays the life and times of the British royal family. With the highly anticipated release of the show's sixth season just around the corner, it seems timely to revisit Harry's stance on the series, especially since it delves deep into the private lives of his close relatives.

Back in February 2021, during a candid conversation on the 'Late Late Show with James Corden', Prince Harry shed light on his perspective. He articulated that 'The Crown' is a work of fiction and does not claim otherwise. The series might not strictly adhere to historical accuracy, but it does provide viewers with a general sense of the challenges, choices, and problems faced by those in the royal spotlight.

"It's fictional but loosely based on the truth," Harry remarked. Delving deeper into his sentiments, he added, "It's not strictly accurate, but it gives you a rough idea of the pressures that come from prioritizing duty and service over family and personal needs."

Harry: Fiction vs.

Tabloid Truths

In a world where the lines between fact and fiction often blur, especially in the media landscape, Prince Harry appreciated the show's transparency about its fictional nature. In comparison, he felt that tabloids, which purport to present factual news, can be misleading by pushing their own agendas.

Such biased narratives can be far more detrimental than a show which openly acknowledges its dramatic liberties. "I'm way more comfortable with The Crown," Harry shared, "than reading stories about my family, my wife, or myself which are touted as factual news.

There's a stark difference between fictional entertainment and reported news. It's the latter I take issue with." In essence, Prince Harry's words serve as a reminder for audiences to approach media, whether entertainment or news, with discernment and a critical mind.

While 'The Crown' may weave narratives around real-life figures, it remains, at its heart, a work of art — and it doesn't pretend to be otherwise.

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