Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris: From Professional Encounters to Rumored Romance

Social media buzz reveals unexpected celebrity connections.

by Nouman Rasool
Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris: From Professional Encounters to Rumored Romance
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In an unforeseen twist, the Hollywood and sports worlds seem to be intersecting once again. Reports are rife with rumors that 'One Tree Hill' alumna, Sophia Bush, and soccer superstar, Ashlyn Harris, are weaving a romantic tale.

Both individuals recently faced heart-wrenching separations, fueling the intrigue around their alleged relationship. Sophia Bush, renowned for her portrayal in 'One Tree Hill', concluded her 13-month marital chapter with Grant Hughes in August.

Meanwhile, Ashlyn Harris, an iconic figure in the soccer realm, took the difficult step of ending her nearly four-year-long marriage with Ali Krieger in September.

Cannes Spark Ignites Rumors

The grapevine began buzzing after Selenia Iacchelli, a Canadian soccer player, uploaded pictures of Bush and Harris, cozying up, on her social media.

Digging a little deeper, it appears their camaraderie was sparked during the Cannes Lions advertising festival in June. They were both panelists at the esteemed event. Sophia, age 41, further fueled the rumors by posting a picture of the event, where she affectionately mentioned Harris.

For those unacquainted, Sophia's passion for soccer is no newfound fascination. She's an avid supporter and even holds stakes in the LA-based Angel City FC. Her rapport with 37-year-old Ashlyn isn't new, given their shared interests and mutual acquaintances.

Speaking of her love for the sport in 2020, Sophia remarked, “Being part of a team passionate about the growth of women in sports and contributing to the community is a dream realized”. While Sophia's romantic ventures, especially her brief marriage to 'One Tree Hill' co-star Chad Michael Murray, have been tabloid fodder, her recent split with Tulsa entrepreneur, Grant Hughes, in 2022, caught many off-guard.

She had been basking in the London limelight for her theatrical endeavor, '2:22 a Ghost Story' The divorce news was a jolt, more so because of the love-soaked tribute she had penned for Grant on their first anniversary—a post which mysteriously disappeared from her profile.

Despite parting ways, Sophia and Grant reportedly uphold their shared commitment to philanthropic causes and remain amicable. On the other end, Ashlyn's breakup with Ali Krieger, her Gotham FC teammate, was equally startling.

The couple, who are parents to adoptees Sloane, 2, and Ocean, 1, seemed solid. Ashlyn's legal documents cited an "irretrievably broken" bond, but hopes are high for an uncontested financial settlement. This web of relationships, breakups, and new beginnings further blurs the lines between the glamorous world of Hollywood and the adrenaline-pumping realm of sports.

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