How Will Smith Stunned by Jada Pinkett's Revelatory Memoir?

Navigating love and complexity in the Smiths' enduring relationship

by Zain ul Abedin
How Will Smith Stunned by Jada Pinkett's Revelatory Memoir?
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In a recent emotional revelation, actor Will Smith was candid about being taken aback after reading the revealing memoir penned by his estranged wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. The autobiography, "Worthy," seemed an eye-opening experience even for the man who has spent years by the author's side.

Smith expressed his sentiments in a heartfelt letter, subsequently read aloud by influencer and podcast host Jay Shetty on his popular show, On Purpose, where Jada was a guest. This comes after Smith drew widespread attention for his infamous slap aimed at comedian Chris Rock during the 2022 Academy Awards.

Confessing that the memoir left him "shocked and stunned," Will Smith conveyed his emotional rollercoaster as he navigated through the book. "Turning the last page of 'Worthy,' I was surprised to realize that despite sharing most of my life with you, I was still blindsided and went through a whirlwind of emotions—laughter, inspiration, and even heartbreak," he wrote.

Unveiling Emotional Layers

Smith, who has been separated from Jada since 2016, emphasized how eye-opening it was to absorb Jada's story in such a concentrated format fully. He added, "It's entirely different to hear snippets at a family gathering compared to ingesting your deeply personal journey, so intensely distilled into your memoir." The couple, who married in 1997, have faced their share of public scrutiny and challenges.

Yet, Will's letter encapsulated the paradox of their relationship—simultaneously complex and loving. He described Jada as "a rare blend of strength and delicate sensitivity," stating, "I applaud you for having the courage to dig so deep.

Had I read this book three decades ago, I'd have hugged you more often”. Smith wrapped up his poignant note by jokingly welcoming Jada to the "Authors Club" and advising her to relax with some Merlot—a comment that drew laughter from Jada, who quipped, "He knows I can't drink Merlot!

That’s why I can't divorce this guy." Will’s admission visibly moved Jada: "Hearing him say he'd have hugged me more translates to him wishing he'd taken more time to listen and understand truly." For a high-profile couple whose life has often unfolded in the public eye, the memoir and Will's subsequent letter serve as intimate snapshots, granting the world a peek into the complexities of their enduring bond.

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