What is Prince William's New Challenge to Prince Harry and Meghan?

New developments spotlight royal engagements in the U.S.

by Zain ul Abedin
What is Prince William's New Challenge to Prince Harry and Meghan?
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In a seemingly strategic move, Prince William is set on enhancing his rapport with the American populace. As the Prince of Wales, William's ascent to increased duties since assuming his new position has been noticeable. Observers have pointed out that he's been more relaxed, letting his guard down and engaging more openly with the public, highlighting a change in his approach.

During his recent two-day vacation in New York, where he was championing his Earthshot Prize, it was clear that William's objective was to resonate with the American audience, showcasing his intelligence and strategic thinking.

This endeavour seems to be driven by an understanding that winning over America is crucial, especially in light of the challenges the royal family's reputation has encountered over the past few years. Renowned royal commentator Kate Mansey posits that this altered approach stems from William's realization of the importance of having American support.

She emphasized that while the Prince and Princess of Wales will continue to uphold the majestic aura that sets them apart, they're also keen on being relatable, echoing the sentiment of being "for the people."

Royal Authenticity Resonates Stateside

Mansey, in her discussion on True Royalty's The Royal Beat, highlighted the genuine nature of the royal couple, stating, "This is the authentic duo the public has been eager to see for years." She cited instances like Prince William's casual run in Central Park as examples of his newfound openness, drawing parallels with Meghan and Harry's interactions in New York.

Furthermore, there's a buzz around William and Kate's intentions to trademark their Royal Foundation in the U.S. Such a move underscores their commitment to philanthropy, a domain where they've garnered significant admiration and support stateside.

King Charles, recognizing William and Kate's traction, particularly among younger demographics via social media and public outreach, is keen on capitalizing on their popularity. He envisions them playing a more global role, emphasizing international visits, especially as they gear up for 2024.

Yet, amidst all this, there's a subtle undercurrent: William's strategic outreach to the U.S. might serve as a nudge for Harry and Meghan, suggesting that they need to up their game to retain their popularity among the American masses.

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