Suzanne Somers: A Legacy Beyond the Limelight

An enduring love tale, rooted in 1969's spotlight.

by Nouman Rasool
Suzanne Somers: A Legacy Beyond the Limelight
© Jamie McCarthy/GettyImages

Esteemed actress Suzanne Somers passed away just a day before celebrating her 77th birthday. This heartrending loss has left many, especially her devoted husband, Alan Hamel, in mourning. In an emotional conversation with NBC News, Hamel, aged 87, detailed the poignant moments leading up to Somers' departure.

"She lay beside me, her breath inconsistent. As the hours waned, only a kiss from me garnered any reaction. By dawn, she had left our world," Hamel reflected. July had marked the recurrence of her cancer. Miraculously, after intensive care under specialists in Chicago, her condition appeared improved merely three days prior to her passing.

“For a brief moment, she seemed to have rallied, eating and complying with her medications,” Hamel recounted. Yet, this respite was short-lived. Shortly after their return, Somers began to deteriorate. “Suddenly, there was a lack of response, a refusal to eat, a reluctance to medicate.

My instincts shouted to dial 911, but I knew, in her heart, she would've preferred the comfort of our home,” Hamel lamented. Throughout this ordeal, Hamel remained by her side, whispering comforting words into the night.

“Her lips would move, a faint indication she could hear me. I hoped against hope that my words provided solace”.

Beginnings of a Timeless Romance

Their storied romance began in 1969 on the set of ABC’s “The Anniversary Game." Hamel reminisced about that fateful day: “I was captivated by this magnificent woman from across the stage.

Though never one for suave pick-up lines, whatever I said seemed to resonate. And our story began”. Their bond only deepened, resulting in a partnership both personal and professional. Post the “Three’s Company” debacle in 1980, Hamel recalled the decisive moment.

“Looking into her eyes, I pledged, ‘We’ll navigate this together.' We sought experts, strategized branding, and soon, success followed”. From her bestselling beauty products to her Vegas stints, and the ubiquitous ThighMaster, Somers' brand soared.

While her subsequent role in “Step by Step” was cherished, Hamel highlighted her fondness for her Chrissy Snow character in “Three’s Company”. Somers once shared, “The challenge was to make the world adore a 'dumb blonde', a character I could love, hoping others would too”.

Hamel's voice broke as he expressed his wish: “I hope she's remembered not just for her fame but her role as a compassionate mother and a beacon of support”. Suzanne Somers leaves behind a rich legacy, survived by her loving husband, son, three granddaughters, and two stepchildren. A private farewell is scheduled for the upcoming week.