Is Chris Evans' Envious Fanbase a Threat to Alba Baptista's Safety?

Love story turns tumultuous as fans' obsession escalates

by Zain ul Abedin
Is Chris Evans' Envious Fanbase a Threat to Alba Baptista's Safety?
© Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment

In a recent revelation that sent waves of joy through their fans, Hollywood heartthrob Chris Evans confirmed his marital union with Alba Baptista, marking the culmination of a romantic journey that began nearly two years ago.

However, what should have been a time of celebration and well-wishes has taken a darker turn as the couple faces an unsettling challenge – the unwarranted scrutiny and hostility of some of Evans' overzealous fans. The charming couple, whose love story blossomed in 2021, has been subjected to a relentless hate campaign that has raised legitimate safety concerns for Alba Baptista.

Disturbingly, this campaign has recently manifested itself in the form of monochrome flyers plastered throughout Los Angeles, calling for the cancellation of the Portuguese actress. The inflammatory flyers, bearing the headline "Chris Evans 'Captain America's' super serious girlfriend is a racist who…," feature snapshots of Baptista's old tweets alongside the hashtag #cancelAlbaBaptista.

These posters have appeared not only in public spaces but also within the confines of a grocery store and even in mailboxes, highlighting the extent of the vitriol.

Reddit's Outrage Over Fan Harassment

The revelation of these actions on social media platform Reddit has garnered widespread condemnation, with users expressing their concerns over the continued persecution of the Warrior Nun star, despite the evident happiness in her relationship with Evans.

One user poignantly noted, "Very grateful that I've never been this miserable but also jealous that they don't know what real problems are." Others have expressed genuine worry for Alba's safety, given her youth, and hoped that Chris Evans would provide her with the protection she deserves.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista, who only dated for nearly two years, recently exchanged vows in Massachusetts, surrounded by their closest family and friends. During his first appearance at a Comic Con event in New York City, the Captain America actor effusively praised their married life, describing it as "wonderful." Yet, as their love story continues to captivate audiences worldwide, they must also navigate the challenges posed by an unfortunate segment of Chris Evans' fanbase, whose actions threaten to cast a shadow over their happiness.

As fans and well-wishers hope for a swift resolution to this unsettling situation, the love between Chris Evans and Alba Baptista serves as a testament to the power of love and resilience in the face of adversity.