Big Sean's Unexpected Nod to Justin Bieber: 8 Years Post-Fight Mystery

Unplanned hitches marked Big Sean's recent theme park visit

by Zain ul Abedin
Big Sean's Unexpected Nod to Justin Bieber: 8 Years Post-Fight Mystery
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Years have passed since pop sensation Justin Bieber and rapper Big Sean brought us chart-topping hits like "As Long As You Love Me" (2012) and "No Pressure" (2015). This weekend, however, memories of their storied past were reignited with a rare online exchange — a noteworthy occurrence, especially when considering the rumors of their altercation nearly eight years prior.

Justin Bieber, now 29, recently shared snapshots from a fun-filled day at Mario Land in California on his Instagram. Accompanied by his wife, Hailey, the couple, along with a group of friends, dove deep into the nostalgia of the iconic game.

Bieber's post showcased a series of images, one of which prominently featured him seated on a large mushroom, with the rest of the party striking poses. Another memorable moment was a clip of the "Ghost" singer trying his hand at knocking a '?' block, reminiscent of the iconic game.

Big Sean Recalls Mario Land Mishap

While many fans eagerly engaged with the post, expressing their admiration and sharing their own memories of Mario Land, one comment, in particular, garnered significant attention. Big Sean, the "I Don’t F*ck With You" rapper, playfully remarked on his own recent trip to Mario Land, where, much to his dismay, he encountered ride malfunctions.

"Mad cause when I went 2 days ago to Mario Land, the mummy and all the rides were malfunctioning... I gotta go back," Big Sean humorously penned. The exchange caught the attention of fans and media alike, particularly as it followed the speculated feud from years prior.

Back then, an incident during a California show involving pop-star Ariana Grande, who was in a relationship with Big Sean at the time, led to some tension. Justin was seen getting a tad too close for comfort with Ariana on stage, prompting Big Sean to tweet, "This kid about to learn not to touch my girl like that.

Beliebe that," though the tweet was promptly deleted. Despite their checkered past, this recent interaction suggests that both stars have moved past any animosity, embracing camaraderie and good-natured banter.

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