Lauren Boebert Uses Campaign Funds at Beau's Aspen Bar

Controversial theater incident puts Boebert under the spotlight

by Nouman Rasool
Lauren Boebert Uses Campaign Funds at Beau's Aspen Bar
© Kevin Dietsch/GettyImages

In a series of startling revelations, Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert's campaign finance filings highlight expenditures at a bar, known for drag shows, owned by her Democrat date, Quinn Gallagher. The same date led to controversy when the two were involved in an inappropriate encounter during a Beetlejuice performance in Denver.

Having recently concluded a 17-year-long marriage, Boebert's actions have shocked conservative allies, primarily because she has previously condemned such venues, drawing further attention due to Gallagher's status as a registered Democrat.

The news source, Politico, disclosed that Boebert spent $317.48 from her campaign finances for 'event catering' at Gallagher's Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar.

Boebert Backtracks After Footage

Boebert's initial reaction to her behavior at the theatre was to blame political opponents, with claims that her date would end upon learning of Gallagher's political stance.

However, following the emergence of supporting security footage, Boebert expressed remorse for her behavior. Gallagher and Boebert's connection has intrigued many. The Congresswoman, hailing from Rifle, Colorado, resides near Gallagher.

Kendra Matic, a drag queen, disclosed the pair had been an item for some time, though Gallagher remains reticent about the relationship's status. Their shared interest in the hospitality industry is notable. Boebert previously owned Shooter's Grill, a unique establishment where armed waitresses served customers.

In contrast, Gallagher's bar, Hooch, hosted events such as "winter Wonderland Burlesque & Drag Show." The Congresswoman's vocal disapproval of drag, citing it contrary to her Christian beliefs, makes her association with Gallagher even more puzzling.

This incongruence came to light as she was spotted publicly displaying affection with her estranged husband, Jayson, post-divorce. Jayson has publicly expressed his love and admiration for Lauren, taking responsibility for the downfall of their union.

He emphasized that his actions were a significant contributor to their marriage's end, hoping to clarify misconceptions about the reasons for their separation. This unfolding saga intertwines personal challenges with public scrutiny, spotlighting the contrast between personal actions and public stance.