James Haskell's 'Lonely Life' after Madeley's Ringless Night Out


James Haskell's 'Lonely Life' after Madeley's Ringless Night Out
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In the shimmering world of celebrity relationships, recent events have ignited curiosity surrounding rugby icon James Haskell and his wife, Chloe Madeley. Haskell recently took to Instagram to convey a somber message about living a "lonely life." This heartfelt post surfaced while Chloe Madeley, his wife since 2018, was captured in lively party photos conspicuously without her wedding ring.

However, this isn't the only event stirring the rumor mill. Haskell was seen sharing a cordial chat with an unidentified blonde outside the renowned Chiltern Firehouse at a rather late hour on a Friday. This seemingly innocuous interaction has inevitably led to whispers and conjecture regarding the couple's marital stability.

On a more musical note, by Sunday morning, Haskell switched gears and uploaded a clip from his DJ set. Interestingly, he was playing a remix of the 90s hit "All That She Wants" by Ace of Base. The phrase "she lives a lonely life" poignantly echoed in the backdrop, resonating with his recent "lonely life" sentiment.

The track, labeled "ID Bodhi James Haskell", accentuated the post's ambiance.

Chloe's Discontent Over Haskell's Posts

Not one to shy away from the limelight, Chloe Madeley effortlessly flaunted her enviable style and form, setting the mood for her ring-free girls' evening.

But the enigma doesn't stop here. Last week, Chloe opened up about a fiery altercation she dubbed as the "biggest row ever" with Haskell. The crux of their dispute? Controversial photographs of women on Haskell's social media.

In an interview, Chloe candidly unveiled her sentiments, expressing unease over Haskell's posts that flaunted other women's derrieres during his Ibiza trip. While she recognized that being amid such scenery is part of Haskell's evolving DJ career, she remained uncomfortable about such images gracing public platforms.

Their impassioned disagreement was not kept under wraps but featured in their latest ITVBe reality venture. Recounting the intense moment, Chloe told The Sun, "One of the most significant rows we've had was on camera." She further articulated her stance, stating, "My contention was, 'I understand that's your profession, but I'd rather you not showcase it on platforms when everyone's aware I'm your spouse."