Pete Davidson Slams Kanye a Year Post-Kim Affair

SNL's latest episode features Davidson's unmissable jest at West

by Zain ul Abedin
Pete Davidson Slams Kanye a Year Post-Kim Affair
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In a surprising turn of events on Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson, 29, took a playful jab at rapper Kanye West, 46, referencing his brief yet highly-publicized relationship with Kanye's former spouse, Kim Kardashian. The Davidson-Kardashian liaison had made waves last year, with the pair dating shortly after Kim's high-profile divorce settlement.

Making a triumphant return to SNL after his departure from the show last year, Davidson captivated the audience with a hilarious segment called "I'm Just Pete." This skit humorously mirrored Barbie's hit "I'm Just Ken." With his platinum blonde hair, Pete, who was shirtless, sported vibrant pink slacks, setting the mood for his comedic performance.

Singing to the audience, Davidson humorously described himself: "I’m just Pete, resembling a meth addict on a sidewalk." He further added a touch of self-deprecation, highlighting his "b***hole eyes," and going on to sing about his appearances in Super Bowl commercials despite being "mentally ill and on drugs."

Davidson's SNL Skit Targets Kanye

The sketch didn't stop there.

Pete also cheekily mentioned his past relationships, singing, "Yet, I never sleep alone at night." And as fans anticipated, he couldn't resist referencing Kanye: "People online still dub me Skete, because of a name I can't legally mention." The screen then briefly showcased a picture of Kanye, eliciting roars of laughter from the audience.

Social media was abuzz post-performance. One user quipped, "I knew Pete would target Kanye! Well-executed." Another remarked on the unexpected cameo in the skit, "Travis [Kelce] cameo and then the 'I'm Just Ken' parody with a fleeting Kanye image? Absolute victory." A string of comments ensued, praising Davidson for his comedic timing and the subtle dig at Kanye.

For context, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, Kanye's ex-wife, became an item shortly after her split, making headlines in October 2021. Their whirlwind romance was the talk of the town, with the duo often being photographed during their outings. However, by the summer of 2022, after a passionate nine months, the two decided to go their separate ways.

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