Prince Harry's Ominous Royal Warning to Meghan

Behind the scenes: Meghan's pivotal royal introduction

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry's Ominous Royal Warning to Meghan
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In a candid revelation from Prince Harry's memoir titled "Spare," details of Meghan Markle's inaugural encounter with the late Queen Elizabeth II have come to light. The initial rendezvous occurred in October 2016, shortly after the world learned of the romantic association between the Duke and Duchess of Suss*x.

At the age of 42, Meghan exuded genuine enthusiasm and anticipation for her first-ever introduction to the monarch, cheekily expressing her sentiments with, “Fun! I love grandmas”. Yet, this wasn’t just any grandmother; this was Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Harry, who was 39 and deeply embedded within the royal spectrum, understood the intricate nuances of such a pivotal meeting.

Harry's Caution: Navigating Royal Protocols

Prince Harry wanted to offer his then-girlfriend a genuine forewarning, but he told Meghan about a potential “trap” she should be wary of during this essential encounter.

Given the profound nature of this introduction, Meghan, alongside Harry, enlisted the guidance of Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of Prince Andrew. Ferguson, having been a part of the royal family herself, imparted crucial protocol insights, particularly emphasizing the initial address to the Queen as 'Your Majesty', followed by the more casual 'Ma'am'

But the advice didn’t end there. She also underscored the significance of allowing the Queen to lead conversations, cautioning Meghan to refrain from inadvertently speaking over the revered royal. Reflecting on the monumental meeting, Prince Harry disclosed in "Spare" that Meghan flawlessly executed her curtsy before the Queen, garnering commendations.

He recalls with pride, "Everyone complimented Meg on her curtsy. So good! So deep!" The memoir, intended to provide an unfiltered gaze into the Duke's life, offers readers a glimpse into these intimate moments. As it surges in popularity, the world continues to engage with the Duke's tales and learnings, further cementing the indelible mark of the Suss*xes in contemporary history.

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