Jada Pinkett Smith: Tupac Hid Alopecia Due to Societal Pressures

Unveiling a lesser-known side of Tupac's personal challenges

by Nouman Rasool
Jada Pinkett Smith: Tupac Hid Alopecia Due to Societal Pressures
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Jada Pinkett Smith, while on her promotional tour for her memoir, "Worthy," has unveiled numerous revelations, ranging from her tumultuous marriage journey and her sexuality, to her deep bond with the late legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur.

Her conversations this week have not only been intimate but are proving to be packed with revelations. In a recent chat with People Magazine, the "Girls Trip" actress shared an unexpected tidbit about her "soulmate," Tupac.

According to her, the iconic "All Eyez on Me" rapper secretly battled with alopecia, a condition she personally knows all too well. "Pac never openly discussed his alopecia. Still, he wore the bald look exceptionally well," she remarked, hinting at the societal pressures of their era which might've kept him silent.

Shakur's Alopecia Post-Police Altercation

Smith elucidated that Shakur began experiencing noticeable hair loss after a notorious 1991 incident with the Oakland Police Department, where he was apprehended for jaywalking.

"Post that traumatic altercation, he commenced losing his hair, and his pattern of alopecia was significantly more intense than what I've experienced," said Smith, the dynamic host of Red Table Talk. Shakur took legal action against the police department and settled the lawsuit.

Smith and Shakur's relationship has always intrigued fans. The duo first crossed paths during their high school days at the Baltimore School for the Arts. Their bond was profound, yet, as Smith clarified in a Rolling Out interview, it was purely platonic.

"Tupac and I shared an intense friendship love chemistry. While it felt like destiny pulled us together, the universe also ensured our paths were parallel, never intersecting romantically," she expressed. In 2018, the "Collateral" actress publicly addressed her own tryst with alopecia.

Advocating openness around the topic, she said, "My wish is for my journey to ignite conversations around alopecia, to eradicate the associated shame, and debunk stigmas." Drawing a conclusion to her poignant reflection on Tupac, Smith mused, "Had he been with us today, I'm confident he'd break his silence on alopecia, giving many a voice." She continued to emphasize their spiritual bond, stating, "It's as if our souls have journeyed together through various lifetimes."

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