What does Chris Rock say about Jada Pinkett's Dating Claim?

Chris Rock's personal boundaries tested by recent disclosures

by Zain ul Abedin
What does Chris Rock say about Jada Pinkett's Dating Claim?
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Chris Rock, the famed comedian, appears to be reaching his limit with the recurring mentions of his name in conversations involving Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. The spotlight once again falls on this trio after Jada, the host of the popular Red Table Talk show, stirred the pot during a recent discussion.

In that interview, Jada made a series of significant disclosures. Not only did she share that she and her husband, the King Richard star, had been leading separate lives for the past seven years, but she also addressed the much-discussed 2022 Oscars incident. After that event, Chris extended an apology to Jada for humorously referencing her alopecia, a condition causing hair loss.

Yet, what seemed to particularly irk Rock was Jada's claim suggesting he had made an advance towards her upon hearing whispers of her possible separation from Smith.

Chris Rock's Discontent with Jada's Revelations

An anonymous source, speaking to Daily Mail, delved deeper into Chris Rock's feelings on this matter. "Chris is clearly exasperated with Jada's recent pronouncements," the insider shared. “He has already shared his stance on the infamous Oscars incident. But with Jada's latest admissions about her marital status and the assertion about Chris' alleged advances, it's like reopening old wounds.”

The source further elaborated on Rock's desire for discretion, stating, “Chris is a private individual. Just when he thought this chapter was behind him, Jada’s comments have thrust it back into the public’s view. He wishes she would refrain from resurrecting these tales.”

The comedian’s unease is palpable. "Chris really wishes she'd refrain from bringing up past incidents, especially the claims about him asking her out," the insider emphasized.

Concluding the conversation, the source conveyed Rock's sentiments in no uncertain terms. "Chris is truly done with this drama. His sincere hope? That Jada would kindly keep discussions involving him to a minimum, if not outright silence."

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