Dean McDermott Finds New Love Amid Financial Struggles Post-Spelling Split

Inside scoop: McDermott's fresh start takes an intriguing turn

by Nouman Rasool
Dean McDermott Finds New Love Amid Financial Struggles Post-Spelling Split
© Rodin Eckenroth/GettyImages

Only four months after officially parting ways with Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott seems to have found solace with a new partner. The 56-year-old actor was recently photographed with Lily Calo, hand in hand, as they entered the Los Angeles Department of Social Services.

Captured by the Daily Mail, the images show McDermott, casually dressed in a black tee and jeans, carefully holding a bundle of white envelopes. As the two navigated the official paperwork, Calo, looking chic in a green jumpsuit, pixie haircut, and black Converse, affectionately ensured everything was in order.

Despite the 40-minute wait outside the facility, they both maintained a jovial spirit, engaging in light conversations with others. They spent roughly 15 minutes inside before making their exit.

McDermott's New Valley Life

Interestingly, whispers around town suggest that McDermott currently resides in the San Fernando Valley, sharing a five-bedroom home with four roommates.

Sources indicate their paths might have crossed through Conscious Community Global, with Calo's LinkedIn listing her as a Senior Account Executive there. Recent snapshots even showed the pair collaborating on an exciting new project.

The actor's recent financial struggles have become somewhat public, mirroring the monetary challenges his ex-wife, Tori Spelling, has faced. Following persistent rumors of their potential separation, McDermott emotionally declared their decision to end their 18-year marriage in an Instagram post.

He emphasized their commitment to co-parenting their five children. However, the post vanished within a day, allegedly surprising Spelling. The reasons behind their split remain under wraps, but their monetary woes, attributed partly to Spelling's alleged shopping habits, are well-documented.

Spelling and their children shifted to a budget motel and later an RV after a mold infestation in their residence. Entertainment Tonight sources confirmed Spelling's dire financial state. Still, McDermott reportedly expressed disdain for Spelling's moves, suspecting they were more for show than necessity.

He was particularly irked when Spelling declined a stay at friend Josh Flagg's luxurious Bel-Air mansion. As the dust settles, Spelling, the renowned "Beverly Hills, 90210" star, has been seen heading back to work, signaling her determination to rebuild and move forward.