Hugh Jackman Celebrates 55th Birthday with Ex, Deborra-Lee Furness, in NYC

New York's Polo Bar witnesses amicable celebrity gathering

by Nouman Rasool
Hugh Jackman Celebrates 55th Birthday with Ex, Deborra-Lee Furness, in NYC
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Last Thursday, the shimmering chandeliers of Polo Bar in New York City bore witness to a heartwarming reunion. Hugh Jackman, famed for his portrayal of "Wolverine," celebrated his 55th birthday. While the renowned venue often plays host to the city's elite, a particular table stood out that evening.

Against the backdrop of their recent announcement of separation after 27 years, Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness were spotted delightfully commemorating the occasion. Witnesses shared a universal observation: genuine happiness prevailed.

"Everyone appeared to be in high spirits," an insider remarked. "It was undeniably a meaningful celebration." Emphasizing the cordial nature of their split, the couple's children, Oscar, 23, and Ava, 18, also graced the gathering alongside a select group of intimate friends.

Jackman's Rep Confirms Evening

In the wake of curiosity regarding the evening, a representative for Jackman confirmed, "Indeed, it was a beautiful night." For those desiring to convey an amicable parting in public, the Polo Bar, with its prominence in New York's social tapestry, serves as an apt venue.

The couple had publicly addressed their separation last month through a touching joint statement to People Magazine. "For almost thirty years, we've been each other's anchor in a blissful marital voyage. As all journeys evolve, ours now heads towards individual self-discovery," they expressed.

Intriguingly, sources intimate with the couple emphasize their unwavering camaraderie. "Their bond transcends marriage. Regular conversations and mutual respect characterize their current relationship," one insider shared. After 27 years and raising two children together, it seems unfathomable for them to drift into silence.

Despite the heartbreak associated with their separation, the couple's primary focus remains on their family. Their earlier statement reiterated, "Our family has, and will always be, the nucleus of our universe. We embrace this new phase with profound gratitude and utmost love." Subsequent to the announcement of their separation, whispers within industry circles suggested Jackman was grappling with the change.

Yet, unity prevails, with one source noting, "Their interactions post the announcement have been frequent. They're determined to navigate this path hand in hand."

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