What is the behaviour of King Charles with Meghan Markle?

Royal affiliations with media spark fresh debates

by Zain ul Abedin
What is the behaviour of King Charles with Meghan Markle?
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King Charles has recently come under the spotlight for his purported connections with media figures who have been notably critical of the Duchess of Suss*x, Meghan Markle. These allegations, which have sent ripples through both the royal and media circles, were meticulously detailed by the esteemed opinion columnist, Zeynep Tufekci, in a comprehensive article for The New York Times.

The narrative took a dramatic turn when Tufekci underscored a particular event: the invitation extended by King Charles to the editor of The Sun to visit Buckingham Palace. This rendezvous, intriguingly, was scheduled shortly after the demise of Queen Elizabeth. The editor, in his defense, mentioned that such meetings with the King were routine, painting a picture of a consistently "jovial and cheery" monarch during their engagements.

But the waters were muddied further when it came to light that King Charles had chosen The Daily Mail's deputy editor for the pivotal role of communications secretary for Buckingham Palace. This decision, to many observers, seemed to underline the King's seemingly cozy relationship with certain factions of the British tabloid media.

Tabloid Ties Questioned by Tufekci

Tufekci, known for her incisive commentary, didn't mince words in her column. She delved deep into the implications of such affiliations, especially against the backdrop of the often negative, and occasionally racially tinged, portrayal of Meghan Markle by these publications. She posed a thought-provoking question: "In aligning with these tabloid entities, what message are Charles and Camilla attempting to convey, especially when these outlets have displayed such blatant hostility, sometimes with racial undertones, towards their own kin?"

This revelation has reignited discussions about the intricate dynamics between the Royal Family and the media, particularly the tabloids with their penchant for sensationalism. As the world watches closely, there's a palpable anticipation to see if Buckingham Palace will address these claims or if this episode will simply add to the long chronicle of the Royals' multifaceted interactions with the media.

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