Why does Ben Affleck appear drained?

Unraveling bonds create turbulence in Hollywood's inner circle

by Zain ul Abedin
Why does Ben Affleck appear drained?
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Ben Affleck, the acclaimed actor-director, was recently spotted in Santa Monica, looking notably fatigued during a morning walk. This comes on the heels of reports suggesting a growing rift between Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner, two significant figures in Affleck's life.

Photographs captured by OK! Magazine depict Affleck in a contemplative mood, wearing a navy sweater layered over a vibrant blue T-shirt, paired with gray jeans. His choice of footwear, a pair of blue, black, and white Nike sneakers, seemed to be the only lively aspect of his ensemble. In what might be an attempt to shake off the weariness, Affleck was seen clutching a sizable cup of coffee.

Ben Affleck's Ties Strain Lopez-Garner Dynamics

The backdrop to this somber outing is a reported disagreement between Lopez and Garner. Sources indicate that Affleck's renewed closeness with his ex-wife, Garner, has sown seeds of discord in his relationship with Lopez. An insider confided to Life & Style, stating, "The depth of Ben's connection with Jennifer Garner has evoked intense jealousy in J.Lo. She's under the impression that Ben hasn't been entirely truthful about the nature of his bond with Garner. In fact, their relationship seems even more profound now than it was during their marriage."

Further fueling the fire, it's been revealed that Lopez and Garner had a heated exchange over text messages. This disagreement reportedly escalated to the point where plans for family gatherings were abruptly canceled by the "Mother" actor.

A source shed light on Lopez's temperament, noting, "J.Lo's fury is palpable when she feels threatened or consumed by jealousy. Ben has unfortunately been at the receiving end of such outbursts." This might explain the evident strain on Affleck's face during his recent public appearances.

As the story unfolds, fans and well-wishers hope for a peaceful resolution for all parties involved. With the spotlight firmly on them, only time will tell how this chapter in their lives will conclude.

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