How did Kanye West convince Bianca Censori to marry him?

Kanye's journey into fatherhood reshapes relationship dynamics

by Zain ul Abedin
How did Kanye West convince Bianca Censori to marry him?
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Kanye West, the iconic rapper now known as Ye, has recently come under scrutiny for allegedly employing psychological tactics to expedite his marriage to Yeezy designer, Bianca Censori. This claim was brought to light by relationship expert Louella Alderson in a recent interview with The Mirror.

Alderson suggests that Kanye's vow of abstaining from physical intimacy might not have been a genuine reflection of personal growth or change in values. Instead, it could have been a strategic move to influence Censori's decision to marry him. "The vow might have been a tool for Kanye to exert control over the relationship, pushing his own values onto Bianca," Alderson remarked.

She further speculated that Kanye's urgency to tie the knot might have been a bid to ensure Censori's unwavering loyalty and commitment, particularly if she had reservations about the union. "Post-marriage, Kanye might have perceived himself in a more dominant position, dictating the terms of their relationship, from Bianca's attire to her overall demeanor," Alderson elaborated.

Fatherhood Shifts Kanye's Intimacy Views

Alderson also delved into another potential reason behind Kanye's decision to abstain from physical intimacy. Reflecting on Kanye's past, she pointed out that when he married his ex, Kim Kardashian, he was already a doting father to their daughter, North West. This fatherhood experience, Alderson believes, might have influenced Kanye's perspective on intimacy. "Fatherhood can be transformative. It's possible that becoming a dad prompted Kanye to introspect and reconsider his stance on casual relationships," she opined.

Alderson concluded by highlighting the possibility that Kanye's choices might be rooted in his desire to be a positive role model for his children. "He might be aiming to set a precedent for his kids, showcasing a particular image of commitment and values," she said.

As this story continues to unfold, fans and critics alike are keen to see how the narrative around Kanye and Bianca's relationship evolves.

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