Why Will Smith Confront Davidson Over Jada?

Past on-set tensions resurface in recent podcast revelation

by Zain ul Abedin
Why Will Smith Confront Davidson Over Jada?
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Jada Pinkett Smith, the renowned actress and talk show host, recently shed light on her personal life, revealing that she and superstar husband Will Smith had been living separate lives for a span of seven years. While the couple's relationship dynamics have always been a topic of intrigue, another incident involving Will Smith has resurfaced, adding another layer to the narrative.

Tommy Davidson, the seasoned actor known for his comedic roles, recently delved into an incident from the past during his appearance on the Club Shay Shay podcast, hosted by Shannon Sharpe. The episode aired on Wednesday, October 11, saw Davidson recounting a tense moment with the "Men In Black" star.

The incident dates back to 1998 when Davidson and Jada Pinkett Smith filmed a movie together. Davidson, in a spontaneous move, shared an unplanned on-screen kiss with Jada. This did not sit well with Will, who later confronted Davidson about the unexpected gesture.

Davidson Recalls Tense Confrontation

Recounting the intense moment, Davidson said, "[Will] came into my trailer, looming over me, saying, ‘I don’t appreciate that, man.’ I was taken aback, asking him what he was referring to." The situation escalated with Jada trying to mediate, calling out, "Will. Will!" Davidson, still in shock, tried to understand the root of Will's anger. The tension was palpable, with Davidson recalling how Will seemed on the verge of taking physical action.

The situation could have escalated further, but Davidson, sensing the growing audience, suggested they take their discussion "outside." However, Jada's timely intervention defused the situation, preventing any physical altercation.

This isn't the first time Will Smith's protective nature has been in the spotlight. Many still recall his controversial reaction to a joke made by Chris Rock, resulting in a slap that became the talk of the town.

While the Smiths continue to make headlines, this revelation by Davidson offers a glimpse into the complexities of their relationship and Will's deep-seated protective instincts.

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