What experience did Troye Sivan share about first meeting with Harry Styles?


What experience did Troye Sivan share about first meeting with Harry Styles?
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Australian pop sensation Troye Sivan candidly unpacked the amusing discomfort of his first encounter with the chart-topping British artist Harry Styles, during the eminent Grammy Awards 2023. Engaging in an intimate chat on the U.K. radio program, KISS Breakfast, Sivan didn't shy away from sharing the cringe-worthy, albeit, light-hearted details of their initial interaction, marking it a "hilarious" debacle.

As the evening unfolded, the 28-year-old singer, best known for hits like “Rush,” found himself serendipitously entwined in a conversation with Styles, the voice behind the smash hit "As It Was." “I’m like super, super chill and he walks up to this conversation I’m already having,” Sivan playfully remarked, his demeanor brimming with a mixture of self-deprecating humor and enchantment stemming from Styles' impromptu appearance.

Sivan's Unexpected Restroom Proposition

Despite being first-time acquaintances, Sivan felt a peculiar familiarity with Styles, perhaps attributable to the latter's omnipresence in the entertainment world. But what followed was a blend of genuine compliment and awkward proposition: “Oh, my God, mazel. Congrats on the Grammy,” followed by an unintended restroom proposal, “Oh, you're going to the bathroom? I’m also going to the bathroom. Let’s go!”

Upon reflection, Sivan grimaced at his impromptu invitation, humorously dubbing it the “weirdest, worst thing” he could have possibly uttered. The burgeoning friendship took a slight detour as Styles got sidetracked, while an embarrassed Sivan made a beeline for the bathroom, contemplating his faux pas throughout the remaining hours of the event. 

In his contemplative state, Sivan mused, “Why did I just ask Harry Styles if we should go to the bathroom together?” punctuating the rhetorical question with an air of comical disbelief and mild internal turmoil.

In the realm of professional pursuits, Troye Sivan is on the brink of launching his first album since 2018, titled "Something to Give Each Other," set to grace the music world on Friday, October 13, creating an anticipatory buzz among fans and critics alike.

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