Jeremy Allen White Commits to Sobriety in Custody Agreement

Actor's custody terms spotlight advanced sobriety verification tool.

by Nouman Rasool
Jeremy Allen White Commits to Sobriety in Custody Agreement
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In a recent turn of events, the renowned actor Jeremy Allen White has reached a pivotal custody settlement. As part of the conditions, White pledges to consistently ensure his sobriety. White, who most recently made waves with his standout performance in The Bear, co-parents two daughters: Ezer Billie, aged 4, and Dolores Wild, aged 2.

He shares custody of these children with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Addison Timlin. The details of their agreement have become public, revealing the meticulous measures put in place to guarantee the actor's sobriety, particularly during the times he spends with his daughters.

SoberLink: White's Sobriety Check

The innovative SoberLink device, boasting a "professional-grade breathalyzer system with facial recognition," will be the tool at the center of White's sobriety verification. This advanced technology promptly relays test results to designated parties.

As per the terms stipulated, White is mandated to undergo these tests twice daily on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The schedule intensifies on the Saturdays he's on custodial duty, demanding three tests. Meanwhile, on Sundays, he'll undergo just a single test.

Beyond these precautions, the agreement outlines a broader plan for White's well-being. It mandates that the actor engage in individual therapy sessions at least once weekly. Additionally, he must attend no less than two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings each week.

Timlin, notable for her role in the fourth season of Californication, and White tied the knot in October 2019. Their separation came to light following Timlin's divorce filing in May. On the professional front, White's career is soaring.

Beyond his memorable eleven-season tenure on Shameless, the actor has clinched a starring role in The Bear, a performance that garnered him an Emmy nod. Audiences can anticipate his presence in two highly-touted films releasing later this year: Fingernails and Iron Claw, both of which have already begun generating significant buzz in the cinematic landscape.