Ed Sheeran's Astonishing Lawn Creation


Ed Sheeran's Astonishing Lawn Creation
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Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, recently unveiled a mysterious and somewhat eerie feature in his backyard – a gravesite. In a candid conversation with GQ magazine, the "Perfect" hitmaker clarified, “While many might mistake it for a crypt, it's not quite that.” Interestingly, this unique spot doubles up as a wedding venue. In fact, the Grammy-award winning artist shared that some of his close friends have tied the knot right there.

Diving deeper into the rationale behind having a gravesite on his property, the British sensation explained, “It’s essentially a recess in the ground, covered with a stone slab. It's a place I've reserved for myself when my time comes.” Sheeran added, “While many find this idea quite morbid and peculiar, I've witnessed friends pass away without leaving behind wills, leaving everyone in a quandary.”

Autumn Variations: Sheeran's Emotional Odyssey

On the professional front, Ed Sheeran is basking in the success of his recently launched seventh album, "Autumn Variations," which hit the shelves on September 29. Reflecting on the inspiration behind this album, he shared, “The previous autumn was a period of significant transitions for my friends and me. Post the summer's intensity, we all experienced a myriad of emotions and events – some soothing, some shattering.”

He further elaborated, “During a particularly challenging phase early last year, songwriting became my refuge. It helped me process and make sense of my emotions. As I became privy to the diverse experiences of my friends, I penned down songs. Some mirrored their viewpoints, while others were a reflection of my own. These compositions encapsulated our collective perceptions during that period.”

Sheeran poignantly concluded, "The album is a rollercoaster of emotions. It celebrates the euphoria of new love and friendships while also delving into the depths of heartbreak, desolation, solitude, and inner turmoil.”

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