Did Pete Davidson upset his close friends?

Controversy surrounds Davidson's choice of derogatory terms

by Zain ul Abedin
Did Pete Davidson upset his close friends?
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Comedian Pete Davidson is in the limelight again, but this time, it's not for one of his famous relationships or humorous sketches. Instead, he's drawing criticism from those closest to him for frequently resorting to a derogatory term when referring to women, both in public and behind closed doors.

In a revealing interview with the U.S. Sun, an anonymous insider close to Davidson voiced their astonishment that, given today's heightened sensitivity to such issues, Davidson hasn't faced more significant repercussions for his actions. "Considering the times we're living in, it's shocking he hasn't been canceled already," the source commented.

The incident with a PETA representative, in which Davidson lost his cool during a phone leak earlier this year, was flagged as one of the notable instances. Furthermore, during a stand-up performance in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Davidson allegedly retaliated with the term in question after being accused of racism by a female attendee.

Davidson's Language Stirs Concern

It's clear that this isn't merely a case of Davidson's humor going too far. The source confided, "Growing up with a mother, it's baffling to see how much resentment he holds against women."

There's a widespread consensus that the use of such language is utterly unjustifiable. "Pete's reputation is challenging as it is, but resorting to that specific term? It's out of line. No woman should be addressed in such a manner," the insider stated emphatically.

To compound the controversy, the source highlighted a seeming incongruence in Davidson's actions. Known for his impressive dating track record with some of Hollywood's leading ladies, one might expect a higher degree of respect for women. "It's counterintuitive. He's dated some of Tinseltown's most coveted women, yet he uses language that is so degrading," the source remarked.

In summary, the overarching sentiment from Davidson's camp is clear: "Using such derogatory language is more than just distasteful, it's downright disrespectful." Only time will tell if Davidson's actions will lead to broader professional consequences or if he will heed the warning calls from those closest to him.

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