The Crown to Reveal Prince Harry's 'Major Blunder' in Final Season

Royal memoir unveils unexpected behind-the-scenes dynamics

by Zain ul Abedin
The Crown to Reveal Prince Harry's 'Major Blunder' in Final Season
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Anticipation builds as fans await the next installment of the popular Netflix series, "The Crown." With Season 6 set to debut shortly, whispers abound regarding the plot details. Foremost among the expected storylines is an exploration of what many term Prince Harry's "gravest misjudgment." People Magazine has reported that this climactic season will delve into the Duke of Suss*x’s notorious 2005 costume party choice, where he opted for a Nazi soldier attire.

This contentious episode in his life had sent shockwaves through the international media, reflecting poorly on the young prince. Actor Luther Ford will step into the shoes of "The Spare" author, guiding viewers through this sensitive episode and its sensational aftermath in the press.

The Duke had swiftly issued an apology in the wake of the incident, expressing deep regret. "I am truly sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I may have caused. My choice was in poor taste, and I deeply apologize," he stated.

Prince Harry Reveals William, Kate's Influence

In recent times, Prince Harry hasn't shied away from discussing the incident. He delved into it in his and Meghan's exclusive Netflix docuseries last year. Reflecting on the episode, he remarked, "It's undeniably one of the most regrettable moments of my life.

I felt profound shame. My only desire was to make amends." More recently, in his candid memoir, Prince Harry shared an intriguing perspective, suggesting that his brother Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, might have played a role in his controversial choice.

The Duke penned, “I sought advice from Willy and Kate. 'How about a Nazi outfit?' they suggested. After procuring the attire and a quirky mustache, their reaction was sheer hilarity. It was even more outrageous than Willy's leotard ensemble!

The very ridiculousness I aimed for." For ardent followers of "The Crown," Netflix has announced a special treat. The sixth season will be split into two segments. Audiences can catch the first half on November 16th, with the conclusion following on December 14th. With such powerful narratives on the horizon, this season promises to be more captivating than ever.

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