Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Comedy Lessons from Berle on Late Show

Diving into humor: Arnold's enlightening journey with Berle

by Zain ul Abedin
Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Comedy Lessons from Berle on Late Show
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The iconic action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently appeared on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," offering insight into the comedy lessons he gleaned from the late and legendary comedian, Milton Berle. As Schwarzenegger delved deep into stories while promoting his latest book, *Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life*, it became evident that his bond with Berle was both special and educational.

The *Terminator* luminary narrated an amusing episode from his life. At a high-profile event, he found himself searching for ways to infuse humor into his speech. Schwarzenegger, aware of the cultural distinctions between the humor styles of his Austrian-German roots and the American audience, approached Berle at a party with a candid admission.

"I told Milton, 'I want to kick off my speech humorously. But while I understand European humor, I'm not entirely in tune with the American comedic sensibility,'" the *True Lies* star reflected.

Schwarzenegger's Comedy Lessons from Berle

To this, Berle playfully retorted about the daunting task of becoming a "teacher to a Nazi" but eventually warmed up to the idea.

The pair collaborated closely, with Berle even penning a memorable joke for Schwarzenegger's award acceptance speech. Arnold reminisced, "Milton advised, 'When accepting an award, acknowledge your past honors but jest, 'Among all the medals and trophies I've received as a bodybuilder, this award is, well, the most recent.'

" However, beyond the wisecracks and the punchlines, the most crucial takeaway for Schwarzenegger was the essence of comedic timing. Despite Berle's jesting nicknames for him, which included "idiot" and "Nazi," Arnold appreciated the underlying camaraderie.

"He stressed the importance of timing," Schwarzenegger emphasized. "Berle might have ribbed me continuously, but his invaluable guidance, be it in penning jokes or crafting witty lines for films, was unparalleled. He was, undeniably, a comedic gem." In an industry where collaborations define careers, Schwarzenegger's cherished moments with Berle underline the power of mentorship and friendship, all the while reiterating the significance of understanding and adapting to varied comedic palettes.

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