Ben Affleck Humbled with Matt Damon & Bradley Cooper: Hollywood's Power Trio

Ben Affleck reveals game passions amid health challenges

by Zain ul Abedin
Ben Affleck Humbled with Matt Damon & Bradley Cooper: Hollywood's Power Trio
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In the realm of celebrities, new hobbies often take the center stage. For Ben Affleck, that new craze is Octordle, an intriguing word challenge that's like the famous Wordle but with a twist. And he's not alone; Affleck recently divulged that he's part of a celebrity Octordle club which includes familiar faces like Matt Damon, Jason Bateman, and Bradley Cooper. These Hollywood elites pit their wits against each other in this thrilling word game, adding a competitive flair to their leisure time.

"I thought I'd have an edge, but the game proved me wrong," a candid Affleck expressed. He detailed how the challenging nature of Octordle, which requires players to guess an eight-letter word in just three attempts, threw him for a loop. "I was met with teasing and playful jibes from the group," Affleck said, emphasizing the cutthroat camaraderie the game has fostered among the participants. "I might be taking some extra practice rounds soon," he hinted with a chuckle.

Affleck's Octordle & COVID Struggle

The Argo star went on to humorously relate the unspoken rules of their club, jesting, "You know, the first rule of Wordle is you don’t discuss Wordle. But I guess it's different if you nail it in three!"

However, it wasn't all fun and games for Affleck. The actor faced an unexpected hurdle when he was hit with a bout of COVID-19, which he described as the "drained variant." "There were days I didn’t even have the strength to play a round of Octordle," Affleck shared, showcasing the toll the virus took on him.

While the star has been a long-time aficionado of word games, even admitting to a previous obsession with crosswords, he keeps his achievements in perspective. "You might think actors would set a high bar in these games," he quipped, "but don't be fooled. It’s all in good fun."

This wave of Hollywood's elite indulging in Octordle underscores the evolving nature of celebrity pastimes. And with the likes of Affleck, Damon, and Cooper in the mix, fans can only expect more intriguing insights and lighthearted tales from their favorite stars.

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