Prince Harry's Montecito Life: Longing for British Ties Intensifies


Prince Harry's Montecito Life: Longing for British Ties Intensifies
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It's no secret that Prince Harry's new life in Montecito has come with its fair share of adjustments. Recent reports suggest that the Duke of Suss*x has been reminiscing about his UK roots more frequently, sparking conversations about his connection to his homeland.

Upon marriage to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry embarked on a new chapter of his life, one away from the Royal backdrop and amidst the sunny Californian shores. However, insiders have noted that the allure of Montecito may be waning for Harry as he often finds himself missing familiar British ties.

Brendan Brown, a renowned property expert, commented on Prince Harry's nostalgia during a recent interview with Mirror. "For someone like the Duke, who has lived most of his life surrounded by British culture and norms, it's natural to seek familiarity," Brown remarked.

Santa Monica: Harry's British Oasis

Elaborating further on a possible solution, Brown added, "Should he desire a touch of the UK in California, he might consider relocating to Santa Monica. The neighborhood is a hub for Brits, and it could offer Harry a blend of both his worlds." Santa Monica is renowned for being home to a significant British community and has establishments like The Kings Head, a popular pub, which also houses a specialty shop. "For any Brit missing home, this place offers hard-to-find items ranging from traditional British bacon to snacks like Twiglets," said Brown.

Beyond the tastes and sounds of the UK, Prince Harry might find solace in mingling with fellow Brits. To this end, joining groups that cater to British expatriates could be the perfect remedy. "BAFTA LA or Brits In LA would be ideal," Brown suggested. "These organizations predominantly consist of British expatriates, and having Prince Harry among them would undoubtedly be a special addition."

As speculation around Prince Harry's feelings continues, it's clear that his connection to the UK remains undeniable. Whether he chooses to relocate or simply find ways to reconnect with his roots in Montecito, the Duke's journey continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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