Sophie Turner's Nod to Swift After Jonas Split?

Amidst personal turmoil, unexpected alliances emerge in Hollywood

by Nouman Rasool
Sophie Turner's Nod to Swift After Jonas Split?
© Amy Sussman/GettyImages

This cryptic Instagram story, which has since been deleted, is Turner's inaugural post following the announcement of her separation from Jonas after four marital years, a declaration that astounded the digital realm. The estranged couple, parents to two daughters named Willa and Delphine, have become a focal point of internet chatter.

The timing of Turner's bracelet post has fueled conjectures. Many deduced it as an indirect nod to Swift, who, at 33, once had a fleeting romantic dalliance with 34-year-old Jonas back in 2008. It's widely speculated that this whirlwind relationship influenced several tracks in Swift's album released that year.

Swift and Turner, now more than just industry acquaintances, have been frequently sighted together, especially since Turner's split. Their camaraderie was evident during glamorous girls' nights out and even while attending a Kansas City Chiefs game.

Swift's Home: Turner's Safe Haven

Inside sources confided to People magazine that Swift has generously offered her New York abode to Turner, 27, as a sanctuary amidst the tumultuous custody feud with Jonas. "Sophie always has a safe haven at Taylor's," an insider shared, emphasizing Swift's unwavering support.

The digital community, particularly on the platform X (formerly known as Twitter), resonated with varied reactions to Turner's bracelet reveal. While some praised her audacious sartorial choice, others reveled in the probable passive-aggressiveness.

Late in September, Turner and Jonas delineated their decision to part ways on Instagram, requesting respect and privacy. "While many hypothesize reasons, this is a mutual decision, and we hope for understanding," they expressed.

Soon after, Turner, dubbed the "Do Revenge" actor, legally challenged Jonas, seeking the return of their daughters to England, as per Page Six's revelation. The allegations suggest Jonas unlawfully kept their daughters in NYC post-September 20.

Conclusively, as reported by People, the duo reached a tentative agreement, ensuring their children remain in New York as they navigate the intricacies of their dissolution.