Travis Kelce Celebrates Birthday with Steaks and Whiskey Sans Taylor Swift

Kelce embraces low-key celebrations with flair and fashion

by Zain ul Abedin
Travis Kelce Celebrates Birthday with Steaks and Whiskey Sans Taylor Swift
© Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

In recent weeks, the celebrity grapevine has been buzzing with whispers of the blooming relationship between international pop star Taylor Swift and NFL sensation Travis Kelce. The duo notably spent an intimate week together in New York. However, when it came to Kelce's birthday celebrations, it was a boy's night out.

Entertainment Tonight highlighted that the Kansas City Chiefs' tight end chose to mark his special day with a low-key dinner at the renowned Golden Ox steakhouse located in Kansas City, Missouri. The event took place on a cool Thursday evening and Kelce, not being one for extravagant celebrations, preferred the simple pleasures of steaks, whiskey, and camaraderie.

Joining Kelce for this celebratory evening were three other guests, which included his agent and a couple of his Chiefs teammates. The quartet made their way to the prestigious porterhouse at around 8:30 p.m., relishing their time and being the last patrons to bid the restaurant farewell for the night.

An inside source from the outlet shared, “The evening was filled with genuine laughter and enjoyment. It was evident they all had a fantastic time."

Travis Kelce's Stylish Birthday Bash

In lieu of the conventional birthday cakes and candles, the group decided to indulge in a quintessential guys’ night, complete with succulent steaks and fine whiskey. Observant reporters from Page Six even noted that post a rigorous practice session in preparation for the upcoming Chiefs vs. Minnesota Vikings game, Kelce made a pit stop to purchase some Dutch Masters cigars.

Despite being in relaxation mode, Kelce's fashion choices were impeccable. He sported a violet hoodie, perfectly coordinated sneakers, crisp white pants, and a sleek black cap. Ever the gentleman, he warmly entertained requests from fans who wanted to capture the moment with a photograph.

On the other hand, Taylor Swift, who had been with Kelce in New York for over a week, took flight to an undisclosed location just a day before these celebrations. The "Love Story" singer, gearing up for the continuation of her Eras Tour starting November 9th, had previously made waves when she was spotted enthusiastically cheering for Kelce from his VIP suite during various Chiefs games.

The couple's budding relationship seems to be the talk of the town, especially after they were caught sharing affectionate moments at an after-party post a Chiefs' victory.

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