Prince William Worried by Meghan Once More

Royal heirlooms spark unexpected concern within the Palace

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince William Worried by Meghan Once More
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Recent speculations are aflutter surrounding the Duchess of Suss*x, Meghan Markle, and her conspicuous absence of a significant piece of jewelry. Sources reveal that Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, has grown increasingly concerned about the diamonds that were originally part of Princess Diana's collection. These diamonds were gracefully incorporated into Meghan's engagement ring when Prince Harry proposed to her in 2017.

As per accounts, Meghan Markle's illustrious engagement ring features not one but two diamonds that once graced Princess Diana's personal jewelry trove. However, in a series of events this year, Meghan has been sighted on multiple occasions without this emblematic ring. One notable instance was during the Invictus Games held in Germany just last month.

Palace Alarmed Over Missing Diamonds

New Idea magazine, through an exclusive insider, shared that Prince William's concerns escalated after noticing the ring's absence. While some sections of the media have been quick to reason that Meghan's engagement ring might simply be "undergoing repairs," there's an air of unease surrounding its whereabouts. The insider emphasized, "It's safe to say it has set off alarm bells at the Palace.”

To further intensify the matter, it's reported that Prince William has been discreetly inquiring about the ring via mutual friends. The anonymous source added, “Prince William's anxiety over not knowing where these diamonds are currently located is palpable."

There's an overarching sentiment resonating within royal corridors and among royal aficionados; Prince William has been "consistently protective" of the memory of his late mother, Princess Diana. To him and many others, her jewelry is not just ornamental but serves as a poignant reminder of her enduring legacy. This makes these diamonds not merely gemstones but a substantial fragment of royal history.

As the intrigue deepens, all eyes are on Meghan and the Palace, waiting for more clarity on the mystery of the missing diamonds.

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