Stevens Explores David Beckhams' Depths in Netflix Series

Netflix unveils the intimate side of the Beckham family

by Zain ul Abedin
Stevens Explores David Beckhams' Depths in Netflix Series
© Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment

Director Fisher Stevens recently opened the curtains to the behind-the-scenes dynamics of his riveting interviews with celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham. The acclaimed filmmaker provided a closer look into the making of the highly anticipated Netflix docuseries titled "Beckham," capturing the essence of the soccer legend and his iconic designer wife.

During an intimate conversation with The Independent, Stevens delved into the complexities he encountered while interacting with the Beckhams, particularly David. "Many perceive David Beckham as the poster child of perfection with a seemingly flawless life. However, as I got to know him, it became clear there's depth beyond the surface," Stevens remarked. Contrary to public assumptions of David being superficial, Stevens unveiled a version of him grappling with the vulnerabilities of his transformative moments.

With over 30 hours spent in close quarters with the former Manchester United star and now the co-founder of the Inter Miami football club, Fisher found himself in the unexpected role of a confidante. "David had never really experienced therapy. There were moments during our interviews where I genuinely felt I was offering therapeutic support," the seasoned director candidly revealed.

Beckhams' Introspective Journey Revealed

While David's experience was one of cathartic discovery, Victoria's interviews presented a contrasting dynamic. The fashion mogul, accustomed to the spotlight, appeared more in tune with self-reflection. Stevens observed, "Victoria has embraced therapy in the past, and this showed in her comfort with introspection during our sessions."

The Beckhams' life narrative has been a captivating tale, even more so since the docuseries premiered on October 4. The deeply personal portrayal added yet another layer to their public personas. Since exchanging vows on July 4, 1999, the couple has navigated their journey with grace. Their bond is further strengthened by their family, consisting of their four children: Brooklyn (24), Romeo (21), Cruz (18), and Harper (12).

As the world continues to revel in the Beckhams' story, Stevens' revelations provide a richer understanding of the celebrities beyond their glitzy facade.