Kourtney kardashian Wishes Addison B'day with Retro TikTok

From unexpected meetings to cherished moments: a star-studded connection.

by Nouman Rasool
Kourtney kardashian Wishes Addison B'day with Retro TikTok
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Celebrity friendships often capture the public's attention, and one such bond that has made headlines is that between Kourtney Kardashian and TikTok sensation Addison Rae Easterling. The duo's relationship traces back to early 2020 and has flourished since, reflecting a unique blend of mentorship and genuine affection.

As Addison turned 23, Kourtney, 44, took to social media to celebrate. The Poosh founder uploaded a throwback TikTok on Instagram, a humorous take on a 2017 "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" episode. In this reimagined version, Rae steps into Kris Jenner's shoes, engaging in a witty exchange about swims*its with Kourtney portraying her younger sister, Khloé.

The playful scene was received with much enthusiasm by fans, showcasing the duo's chemistry and mutual affection. Not only did Kourtney partake in the birthday festivities with a nostalgic post, but she also sent Addison a thoughtful gift.

A basket filled with vibrant confections, featuring the letter "A" crafted from heart-shaped gummies, was Rae's delightful surprise. Taking to her own Instagram, Addison couldn't contain her excitement, penning, "I love you so much @kourtneykardash.

You know me so well."

Serendipitous Friendship Begins

The inception of their bond was quite serendipitous. Kourtney had invited Addison to surprise her son, Mason, who admired Rae's TikTok videos. Their connection was instant and profound, as Addison reminisced during her July 2020 appearance on the Tom Ward Show.

From working out together to collaborating on YouTube videos, the duo has shared countless moments. Addressing the challenges of social media scrutiny, Addison shared in a PEOPLE interview how Kourtney's sage advice had guided her.

"Kourtney has taught me to rise above the noise, to see the bigger picture and not sweat the small stuff," Rae articulated. 2021 marked another milestone in their relationship when Kourtney cameoed in Addison's film, "He's All That." Addison lauded Kourtney as an "amazing friend" and "mentor," emphasizing their shared interests and values.

"We're so alike," she noted, attributing their connection to their genuine natures and shared passions. Kourtney, while addressing their 21-year age gap on her reality series, shared, "I might have a youthful heart, but my soul is old." Disregarding societal judgments, she emphasized the genuine bond they share, unburdened by age dynamics.

Recently, their bond was on full display during a sunny pool day. Kourtney, currently expecting with husband Travis Barker, was seen in radiant hot-pink swimwear alongside Addison, a testament to their unwavering friendship.

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