Director Shawn Levy's NFL Outing Highlights Taylor Swift's Mega Fame

Levy's NFL outing offers unexpected celebrity insights

by Zain ul Abedin
Director Shawn Levy's NFL Outing Highlights Taylor Swift's Mega Fame
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Director Shawn Levy recently experienced firsthand the extent of Taylor Swift's megastar influence during an NFL game. While most would relish the chance to watch a game alongside the pop sensation, Levy found the experience to be 'almost depressing' given Swift's unparalleled level of fame.

Sharing his thoughts in a recent Variety interview, Levy mused, “I might produce 50 more blockbuster movies and series, yet be remembered as the guy in the distinct orange suede jacket who attended the Chiefs-Jets game with Taylor and the crew.” The jest had an undertone of melancholy, as the director felt overshadowed by the massive celebrity spectacle.

Recognized for his remarkable work on the “Stranger Things” series, movies like “Free Guy,” “The Adam Project,” and the “Night at the Museum” saga, Levy was introduced to the NFL world through a personal invite from his close associate, Ryan Reynolds. They watched the exhilarating match at MetLife stadium from Swift's VIP suite, joined by Hollywood A-listers like Reynolds' spouse, Blake Lively, Sophie Turner, Sabrina Carpenter, and many more.

Swift's Aura Overwhelms Levy

Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, both of whom are starring in Levy’s forthcoming project "Deadpool 3", seemed equally excited about the game. Recounting their decision to attend, Levy said, “The idea was pretty straightforward. ‘An NFL game with our pals? Why not?’"

Yet, the outing's repercussions were far from simple. The aura surrounding Swift had an intensity that Levy hadn’t anticipated. He expressed, “The evening was genuinely enjoyable. However, the kind of celebrity aura that Taylor, a 12-time Grammy awardee, emits is something I've never witnessed before.”

Cognizant of the ever-present cameras, Levy recollected telling Reynolds and Lively, "I've never been more aware of my words." He further elaborated, “When you're in Taylor's suite at a major football event, it’s almost a given that cameras are omnipresent. And with technology today, even whispered comments aren't safe."

Ending on a humorous note, Levy added, “I made sure to keep my commentary PG.”

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