Prince Harry's Role in the Eight-Figure Deal Questioned by Royal Expert

Royal commentator casts doubt on Harry and Meghan's deal

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry's Role in the Eight-Figure Deal Questioned by Royal Expert
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The British Royal Family has always been under the microscope, but when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle secured an eight-figure contract, it wasn’t just the tabloids that wanted to dig deep. Royal commentator Daniela Elser recently shed light on the dynamics of this lucrative deal, particularly honing in on Prince Harry's contribution.

In a candid analysis penned for, Elser referenced the peak of Meghan Markle's podcast success from the previous year. “Reflecting back, it's quite astonishing. Just a year ago, Meghan's podcast, Archetypes, was experiencing a soaring high," shared Elser. "Despite its excessively long episodes and even with the stellar lineup of A-listers, it clinched top spots on podcast charts in various countries, including the US and Australia."

However, the triumph was short-lived. Elser revealed, "A downward trajectory was witnessed post the hiatus due to the unfortunate passing of the Queen. Subsequent episodes of the series struggled to make a mark on Spotify’s charts.” With final rankings oscillating between 21st to a dismal 90th, Elser critically questioned the value behind the purported millions pocketed by the royal couple.

Elser Questions Royals' Contract Value

Highlighting the podcast's lack of broader cultural impact, Elser remarked, “Given the numbers and the impact, one would wonder if the massive investment was worthwhile. Archetypes failed to set any substantial agenda, nor was it a mandatory addition to the average listener's playlist.”

Yet, Elser's scrutiny wasn't reserved for just Meghan. In a blend of veiled criticism and backhanded compliment, she observed, “In comparison to Prince Harry, at least Meghan produced something tangible.” The speculations surrounding what Prince Harry would bring to the table to justify his share of the mammoth contract have only intensified over the years.

This revelation by Elser further stirs the debate about the royal couple's ventures and their real value in the entertainment industry. As fans and critics await Prince Harry's next move, it remains to be seen if he can live up to the immense expectations that come with such an impressive contract.

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