Journalist Recounts Troubling Joe Biden Interaction

Steele unveils candid moments with President Biden

by Nouman Rasool
Journalist Recounts Troubling Joe Biden Interaction
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In 2021, ahead of MLB's Opening Day, Sage Steele, the erstwhile ESPN host, sat down for a pre-recorded interview with Joe Biden, currently the oldest serving president in U.S. history. Reflecting on that interaction in a recent "Club Ransom" podcast episode, Steele candidly shared her perceptions of the President, whom she described as "terrible." Steele expressed that regardless of political affiliations - which she made a point to clarify she did not vote for him - her most poignant takeaway from the exchange was sadness.

"Irrespective of politics, what deeply resonated with me was the human aspect," Steele emphasized. She further illuminated on witnessing Biden's confusion firsthand, which she felt was heartrending especially given the recent scrutiny around his age and capability to serve a second term.

Behind-the-Scenes with Biden

Detailing the interview's behind-the-scenes moments, Steele mentioned the remote nature of their exchange. "It was through satellite; I never met him face-to-face," she said. As technical glitches delayed the interview's onset, Steele found herself stalling and making small talk with the President.

During this casual conversation, Biden seemed perplexed, inquiring about the interview's purpose and Steele's identity. Once informed by an aide that it was for ESPN's 'SportsCenter', Biden delved into anecdotes from his high school football days, proudly recalling his role as a noteworthy halfback and wide receiver.

Yet, Steele observed, his stories often dwindled, and his voice faded, leading her to recall the interview as melancholic. She said, "He'd start reminiscing about his football feats, then suddenly he'd fall silent, which was heartrending to witness." Furthermore, while commenting on Biden's visibility during his election campaign, Steele expressed her belief that his reduced public appearances were possibly due to his struggles with coherence and sentence completion.

Bill Maher, host of "Real Time with Bill Maher", also weighed in on President Biden's age and potential candidacy for a second term. Drawing a stark comparison between Biden and Donald Trump, who only has a four-year age gap with Biden, Maher jokingly referred to Biden as the only Democrat Trump could beat.

Maher opined that Biden's age was a deciding factor for many voters and cautioned against his re-running, suggesting it could favor Trump. Drawing parallels with the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Maher highlighted the potential pitfalls of overstaying one's tenure.

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