Prince William Adopts Father's Habit Amidst New Royal Duties

Inside the breakfast habits of Britain's top royals

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince William Adopts Father's Habit Amidst New Royal Duties
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Prince William, recently elevated from the Duke of Cambridge, is embodying more than just his new title. Inheriting a tradition from King Charles, William has made a distinct choice when it comes to dining during his royal duties.

A source close to the royal family shared with Hello! magazine that Prince William, much like his father King Charles, usually opts out of eating during his royal engagements. This does not mean that the Prince never indulges; there have been moments where he's sampled local delicacies or enjoyed special treats. However, a regular meal stop, especially for lunch, is not on his agenda.

This abstaining practice is not new within the royal family. King Charles has set a precedent by often refraining from eating out, even though there have been instances where he sampled food at different events. The emphasis seems to be on maintaining a consistent regimen while on duty.

Royal Dietary Choices Revealed

Earlier in the year, Julian Payne, King Charles' former press secretary, shed some light on this unique dietary choice. Speaking to The Mirror, Payne recounted, “The King doesn’t eat lunch. So, when accompanying him, it’s wise to have a substantial breakfast or carry snack bars for sustenance. The workdays can be quite taxing, usually kickstarting with radio news and a breakfast comprising a fruit salad sprinkled with seeds, paired with tea.”

In contrast, Prince William's personal dietary preferences came into focus during a conversation with nutritionist Monique Hyland in Cornwall last November. The Prince candidly shared his breakfast choice of the day: two eggs, wholemeal toast slathered with butter, a refreshing glass of apple juice, and a comforting cup of tea with a hint of milk and sugar.

This adaptation of dietary habits by Prince William underscores the commitment of the royals to uphold traditions and maintain a certain discipline during their official outings, while also allowing room for personal preferences and occasional indulgences.

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