Kat Von D's Spiritual Journey: From Occult Arts to Sacred Baptism

Kat Von D's recent revelations surprise her followers

by Nouman Rasool
Kat Von D's Spiritual Journey: From Occult Arts to Sacred Baptism
© Paul Archuleta/GettyImages

Tattoo icon Kat Von D, celebrated for her artistry on the show "LA Ink," unveiled a pivotal moment in her spiritual journey to her massive Instagram following this Tuesday. In a heartwarming video backed by heavenly choral harmonies, Von D can be seen embracing the Christian sacrament of baptism.

The clip depicts the famous artist deep in spiritual reflection during the service and culminates with her being submerged into the baptismal waters by the officiating clergyman. "Katherine von Drachenberg, as you declare your faith in Jesus Christ and heed his sacred command, I baptize you, sister, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit," solemnly intoned the pastor.

Von D's Shift from Occult

Interestingly, this spiritual pivot for Von D was hinted at a few months ago. Back in July 2022, she made waves on social media by discussing her conscious decision to step away from the occult and its associated practices.

With a poignant post, she displayed items she intended to relinquish, including witchcraft literature and treasured tarot decks. Kat elaborated on her epiphany, saying, "While I've been consistently drawn to the allure of the macabre, I recently found myself pondering my deep connection to such content.

In truth, I've chosen not to welcome these elements into our home anymore, even if they merely occupy a place on my bookshelf under the guise of aesthetic appeal." She was keen to emphasize that her revelation wasn’t an indictment of others who engage with the occult.

Her journey, she expressed, was a personal one. "My love for everyone remains unchanged, irrespective of their beliefs or where they are in their own journey," she explained. "However, I currently feel the profound gravity of a spiritual warfare around us, and I earnestly wish to bathe my family in positivity and light." This transition is not the only change for Kat Von D.

In a related headline, she announced her decision to move from California to Indiana and subsequently close her iconic LA shop. In another significant disclosure, she addressed widespread misconceptions about her, firmly denying claims of her being a neo-Nazi or against vaccinations.