Josh Duhamel Reveals Painful Cause for Fergie Split

Finding solace away from the spotlight, here's their story

by Nouman Rasool
Josh Duhamel Reveals Painful Cause for Fergie Split
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Josh Duhamel and Fergie, globally recognized as the voice behind Black Eyed Peas, shared a romance that kept the tabloids buzzing. They first locked eyes in 2004, and three years later, Josh knelt down for that big question.

Their marriage, which started in 2009, saw them become proud parents to their son, Axl, in 2013. However, the marriage concluded in 2017, marking the end of their shared journey. Recently, during an intimate podcast session with Graham Bensinger titled "In Depth", Josh unveiled the discomfort he felt amidst the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

"I never truly acclimated to it. It always seemed overwhelming, and I yearned for the uncomplicated me," Duhamel expressed. He continued, "Walking on red carpets, embracing the Hollywood way, just isn't me. It can be soul-draining if one isn't grounded."

Josh & Audra: North Dakota Bliss

Today, Josh has rediscovered love with Audra Mari.

The couple, currently expecting their first child, enjoys a serene life on a North Dakota ranch. The tranquillity, as Josh describes, takes him back to his youthful days when he adored nature and its creative vibes. Audra, hailing from the same state, shares his passions.

"Our bond is over the simple joys - a life by the lake, our families, and the anticipation of our kids," Josh elaborates. Speaking about Fergie, Duhamel admits that their paths diverged due to contrasting interests. He reminisces, "The older I grew, the more North Dakota beckoned me.

She didn't resonate with that choice, but there's no animosity. I cherish the understanding soul that she is." Duhamel, 50, and Mari, 29, first caught media attention in 2019. Their love story had another highlight in January 2022 when Josh romantically proposed using a message in a bottle.

By September, they vowed eternal love in Fargo, ND. The actor, recognized for "Shotgun Wedding", and Mari, the 2016 Miss World America, recently announced their pregnancy. Their sonogram post was heartwarmingly captioned, "Baby Duhamel coming soon".

Among the well-wishers was Fergie, who joyfully commented, "I'm genuinely elated for both of you. Axl is eagerly awaiting his role as a big brother."