Jason Kelce Jabs Brother Travis Over Taylor Swift Romance

Banter flies as celebs revel in viral moments

by Zain ul Abedin
Jason Kelce Jabs Brother Travis Over Taylor Swift Romance
© Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Jason Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles center, couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a playful jest at his younger brother, Travis Kelce, over the recent whispers of his budding romance with pop sensation Taylor Swift. On X, the platform we once knew as Twitter, Jason shared a candid moment to draw a cheeky parallel.

The elder Kelce showcased a snapshot from his recent game against the Washington Commanders. In the photograph, viewers could see their mother, Donna Kelce, sharing a joyous moment alongside Kevin Miles, better recognized as the charismatic "Jake from State Farm" in popular commercials. The image encapsulated their mirth, with Miles gripping a basket of chicken tenders drenched in ketchup.

With tongue firmly in cheek, Jason remarked, “I also have a superstar in my corner. @JakeStateFarm.” The quip was a delightful nod to his 35-year-old brother Travis' newfound closeness with Taylor Swift, 33, who was seen more than once, cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs tight end from the stands.

Stars Join Playful Social Banter

Yet, it wasn’t just Jason’s jest that had social media buzzing. Kevin Miles couldn't resist joining the banter. Drawing attention to his basket of ketchup-covered tenders in the shared photograph, Miles playfully referenced a recent viral moment. Taylor Swift was caught indulging in ketchup and ranch with her chicken during the Chiefs' showdown against the Chicago Bears on September 24. "Seemingly, they were out of ranch," Miles quipped in the comments, adding another layer of humor to the brotherly ribbing.

This light-hearted exchange on X has proven once again that even in the star-studded world of sports and music, there’s always room for a little familial fun and banter. It’s these human moments that keep fans and followers invested, reminding us that celebrities, too, have their playful rivalries and jests.

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