Ed Sheeran's revelation about Encounter with Snoop Dogg


Ed Sheeran's revelation about Encounter with Snoop Dogg
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Ed Sheeran's recent revelation about a mind-boggling encounter with the legendary Snoop Dogg has taken the music world by storm. In an interview on the popular podcast "Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend," the British singer-songwriter shared a truly unique experience that left him temporarily blinded, highlighting the unexpected consequences of a night with the rap icon.

The unlikely rendezvous between Ed Sheeran and Snoop Dogg occurred during one of Ed's live performances in Melbourne back in March. The two musical talents decided to kick back and relax, with none other than Australian actor Russell Crowe joining their gathering. Snoop Dogg, renowned for his passion for marijuana, came prepared for the evening, and Ed Sheeran couldn't resist partaking in the festivities.

Ed, who isn't known for his smoking habits, confessed that he had long harbored a desire to share a joint with the rap icon. Little did he know that this wish would lead to an unforgettable and slightly disorienting experience.

Ed's Unforgettable Joint Experience

As they congregated in the dressing room, Russell Crowe, a close friend of Ed's over the years and well-acquainted with Snoop Dogg, joined the party. What followed was a whirlwind of joints being passed around, with Ed Sheeran finding himself drawn into the rhythm of "blunt for blunt for blunt for blunt." 

Ed recalled, "I don't really smoke at all, but I was in the dressing room, and they were just passing joints. I thought, at some point during the night, I have to, just to say I smoked with Snoop Dogg."

The night took an unexpected turn as Ed continued to partake, progressively losing track of the quantity consumed. He confessed, "I just remember looking at him and being like, I can't see right now."

Snoop Dogg, known for his unabashed affinity for marijuana, had even hired a full-time joint roller in 2016, living in a state where recreational marijuana usage was legal. Ed's experience with the rap icon shed light on the potent effects of Snoop's preferred pastime.

Ed Sheeran's revelation has captivated fans worldwide, offering a rare glimpse into the world of celebrity encounters gone awry. This unexpected and humorous anecdote reminds us that even in the glitzy world of showbiz, unforgettable and relatable moments can happen when you least expect them.

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